Stan Loomis

Stan Loomis and the History of Drums

Stan Loomis is known for many things, and an active lifestyle pretty much sums it up. His professional career could not be more successful; his title at present is Independent Pharmacy Consultant for Orlando’s Olympia Pharmacy, in which he has built a successful professional career in Pharmaceuticals from the ground up with his wife, Naomi Loomis. Stan Loomis spends the rest of his time traveling and riding his motorcycling with his wife, five children, and her two children; as well as entertaining a lifelong passion not immediately known to people that know Stan Loomis: playing the drums.

Young Stan Loomis playing the drums

Young Stan Loomis playing the drums

Since the young age of 11, Stan Loomis has been dabbling in and perfecting his craft, starting with playing avidly in the high school band and local garage bands, while also playing professionally-enough to support himself through college. This is Stan Loomis’ history of playing the drums. Now, let’s look at the history of drums-a short overview:

The advent of the drum and drumming goes back a very long time-much longer than many might believe and in many more civilizations than one might suspect. Countless centuries ago, the need for the drumming habit came upon the world in various purposes: to signal battle, in pagan worship to the gods, in the occult, and for celebration. At first, people drummed upon their bodies, clapping their hands and drumming on knees and chests to produce a musical rhythm, but to increase volume, drummers would have to drum harder upon themselves, producing pain. Enter the primitive drum: an animal hide stretched tightly over a log with twine. As civilizations endured and progressed, the animal hide was traded for a plastic drumhead, and the log for something more sleek and conducive to a better sound. Next came the various sizes, types, and mallets/sticks used to strike the drum for sound. The rest was drum history.