Stan Loomis

Ringo Starr

Stan Loomis’ passion for playing the drums is evident in his day to day life.  Much of this passion comes from listening to those that have inspired his career over the years.  One of these inspirations is the legendary Ringo Starr. Ringo Starr began his career with The Beatles in the 1960’s and quickly gained popularity as the band climbed the charts.

Ringo StarrRingo Starr is known for being the drummer for The Beatles; easily one of the most well known bands worldwide.  Not only has Ringo Starr been successful with the band, but he has also maintained a successful career as a solo artist. “In 1971, he began his unprecedented run as the first solo Beatle to score seven consecutive Top 10 singles, starting with ‘It Don’t Come Easy.’  It is easy to see why he is such an inspiration to Stan Loomis.

Much like Stan Loomis, Ringo dreamed of being a drummer from a young age; he then began drumming in his teens.  Although Stan Loomis hasn’t gained the same levels of fame as Ringo Starr, he managed to put himself through college by playing the drums professionally.

The Rolling Stone, the well respected music publication, named Ringo as the fifth greatest drummer of all time.  However, Ringo’s talents don’t end with drumming, as it turns out he is also a very talented actor.  Ringo has has also been featured in a number of documentaries, films, and even hosted television shows.

In addition to a television and music career, Ringo Starr is also an author.  In May of 2014, Ringo published a children’s book; Octopus’s Garden based on the Beatles’s song of the same name.  USA Today writes the “Garden finds children frolicking under the sea amid fish, tortoises, whales, ancient ruins and a treasure chest of gold and jewels.”

Ringo Starr’s success continues to grow and inspire as he spreads his talents into more industries.

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