Stan Loomis

Stan Loomis

Stan Loomis is an adventurer and family man by heart. He is known for an extremely successful professional career in Pharmaceuticals, which he shares his passion for like his wife, Naomi Loomis. At present, he is an Independent Pharmacy Consultant for Orlando’s Olympia Pharmacy, and spends the rest of his active life traveling, riding his motorcycling and spending time with his five children, his wife, and her two children. One of his hobbies that he is so passionate about is playing the drums. Though few know this, Stan Loomis began playing the drums and gaining interest in music in a serious way at age 11.

At the young age of 11, Stan Loomis began playing the drums and all percussion instruments really. Then, throughout high school, while Stan attended Oak Ridge High School, he played in the band for the school as well as took part in many local rock bands, but he wasn’t just like any kid who liked the drums and was in a garage band. Stan Loomis was considered by many as “the best rock band drummer in all of Central Florida”, and his drumming talents actually gave him a primary income while attending Valencia College (Orlando) for his Associates Degree. Currently, he continues to play his drums as a well-developed hobby. To date, these are the types of drums and drum bands Stan Loomis prefers:

  • Stan Loomis playing drums in BVIAcoustic Drums
  • Electric Drums
  • World Instruments

Stan Loomis’ Favorite Drum Brands

  • Pearl
  • Mapex
  • Yamaha